Belfast: The Home of Irish Radicals – A Faculty Lecture

Belfast: The Home of Irish Radicals – A Faculty Lecture

Belfast: The Home of Irish Radicals – A Faculty Lecture

The Black Box (Green Room)

Tuesday 7 September, 7.30pm 


Sold Out

This lecture starts at the beginning of the 1700’s when the penal laws are being enacted to the detriment of Presbyterians and Catholics in Ireland, they both greatly suffered.

Up to 1740’s many left Ireland for the USA (mainly Presbyterian) to be free of ‘English Tyranny’. The Ascendency had copper-fastened their iron grip on Ireland at the expense of her poor and dispossessed.

Things were about to change – the Ulster Presbyterians had had enough, they joined intellectual forces with others of the Enlightenment age of the time. Readings of Thomas Paine and Mary Wollstonecraft and the Rights of Man became common and Belfast was called the ‘Athens of the North’

Great change was coming and it was being led by the United Irishmen who would carve out Belfast as the radical thinking city of Ireland and these islands. Modernity was being born and Ulster men and women would be its vanguard!

Join Sean Napier in this Faculty lecture which explores the years leading up to 1798 and their lasting legacy.

Doors 7.00pm | Unreserved Seating


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