Modern-day Belfast is divided into seven quarters. These quarters include Cathedral Quarter, Titanic Quarter, the Gaeltacht Quarter, Smithfield Market and Library Quarter, Linen Quarter, Market Quarter and Queen’s Quarter. Each quarter shares the unique story of its history, people, place, and experiences. When combined, the quarters offer infinite opportunities for exploring Belfast over short and long stays.

For the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, the Cathedral and Titanic quarters are key. While both places have evolved from Belfast’s complex past, a spirit of regeneration, vibrancy, innovation, creativity, and inclusion are in their progressive souls:

As the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival has grown, the programming has reached the Titanic Quarter in Belfast Harbour that is renowned as one of the world’s largest urban- waterfront regeneration projects (185 acres). Known by many as Sailortown, this area has become a compelling part of Belfast’s evolution and story :

Our advice? If you believe in the transformative powers of arts and culture on people and communities, book your place in the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival. Then, once in Belfast, don’t just scratch the surface. Instead, get to grips with all this incredible city has to offer. For insights on CQAF’s take on Northern Ireland’s capital, let your Belfastian adventure begin here: