Socially progressive and proudly Belfastian arts festivals with an indie spirit

When planning your Belfast trip, know that we offer two festivals called the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival and Out to Lunch Arts Festival that attract exemplary and diverse artists from all over Ireland and around the world.

In their DNA lies innovation, creativity, social responsibility, equality, accessibility, honesty, collaboration, generosity, resourcefulness, and a joyous playfulness. Most importantly, each festival has its heart firmly rooted in Belfast’s history and story.

Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival: 11 days annually in April/May

  • +150 shows in 30 different venues
  • cutting edge inclusive arts and culture programming
  •  consciously scheduled to align with International Worker’s Day (Labour Day) 1st May
  • accessibility: numerous free events and affordable ticket pricing a key focus

Out to Lunch Arts Festival: 3 1⁄2 weeks annually in January

  • lunch time and evening shows
  • featuring the best in comedy, theatre, literature, and music
  • accessibility: a key focus with shows and a hot lunch from £7
  •  first began in 2006; is now a much-loved Winter festival

Experience Belfast the CQAF way, firmly placed within politics and a history that has shaped this city’s complex past into a modern, forward thinking, resourceful capital powered by resilient and creative people.