In 1994 hundreds of coal miners hung up their pit boots as Grimethorpe Colliery was destroyed, along with the tight-knit working-class community that surrounded it. WASTELAND, Gary Clarke’s sequel to COAL, looks at how two generations coped in this era of radical upheaval. As we see one generation grind to a halt, we follow the next into the 90s illegal rave scene, where derelict warehouses and abandoned work spaces became home for a new-found community of music and dance.

Bringing together Clarke’s vivid physical dance language performed by a company of exceptional dancers, a community cast of singers, brass musicians, archive film footage, a powerful rave soundtrack and unique artwork by Jimmy Cauty (co-founder of The KLF), WASTELAND dives headfirst into a gritty story of loss, hope, escapism, and survival.

Gary Clarke Company will recruit 2 brass musicians from a local championship brass band and 4 men from the community to perform as Pit Men Singers in the show. More details of the recruitment guidelines can be found here.

Ages 14+

Contains some strong language, strobe lighting, loud music, haze and smoke effects.

Scaredy Fat

Scaredy’s working the late shift at the cinema. Tonight’s schedule? Horror movie sexual awakenings of yesteryear. Lost in steamy recollections of Jesse Walsh dancing, Carrie and Tommy at the prom and the sinful duo of Ryan Philippe and Freddie Prinze Jr., Scaredy should be in ecstasy but evil horror host Count Calories keeps cutting in on the fun. It’s finally time for Scaredy to face their fears and stop being such a big Scaredy Fat.

Come to the movies with Scaredy as they poke fun at fat and queer representation in the horror genre, asking what it means to love a genre that doesn’t love you back.

We’re gonna need a bigger shirt…

Winner of the Les Enfants Terribles Award 2023 and the CQAF Theatre Bursary. See this Big Gay Spooky Treat before its Edinburgh debut. 

Written and Performed by Colm McCready 
Directed by Seón Simpson
Produced and Production Managed by Gina Donnelly 
Costume Design by Níamh Kearney
Animation/Set Design and Poster Image by Fergus Wachala-Kelly 
AV Design by Colm McCready 

Doors 7.30pm | Unreserved seating

The Body & Blood

Written and performed by Carol Murphy, The Body & Blood is a 19th Century Irish Famine Folk Fable told in verse. It is the story of Maggie Murtagh, an Irish country girl who transmogrifies into The Vigilante Cannibal Nun during The Famine, after the death of her family.

She steals from the rich to give to the starving poor. She eats the colonizers; becomes an addict; and destroys her soul on her quest to seek revenge.

The Body & Blood was launched online in January 2022 at www.thebodyandblood.co.uk. The first live performance was at The Black Box. The second performance was at VAULT Festival, London, 2023, where Murphy received rave reviews.

Gripping stage presence has you hooked from start to finish. Theatre and Tonic ****

Murphy is a whirlwind of a performer.Fairy Powered Pro ****

Murphy is a captivating performer, herself transmogrifying into the bardic role with electrifying swagger and aplomb. A Young(ish) Perspective ****

Carol Murphy is an artist, filmmaker, writer, and performer based in Belfast. She has attended numerous European art and film labs including The Atleliers, The Binger and The Turino Filmlab with numerous art and feature projects. She is currently developing the Horror/Sci Fi Feature, The Silent Tide, with Fantastic Films in Dublin, with development funding from NI Screen.

Beautiful Evil Things


What if there was another take on the Trojan War, an untold breathtaking adventure you had never heard before?

Enter Medusa. She was there.

Monstrous gorgon? Snakes for hair? A turn-to-stone glare? Perhaps. But she was there – as a bodiless head strapped to the shield of a goddess.

Her forever-open-eyes saw it all: Epic combat. Mighty swords. Giant horse-sculptures filled with men. But as the war raged on, Medusa’s petrifying gaze focused on three extraordinary women who might just hold the key to her ultimate hope.

Beautiful Evil Things is a new, high-energy, one woman show from Ad Infinitum combining physical storytelling with cut-throat wit. Coming hot on the heels of their multi award-winning hit, Odyssey, join Medusa for a thrilling adventure.

Number 4 in The Guardian’s ‘Best Theatre of 2022’

★★★★ Hair-raising, heart-quickening whirl of myths The Guardian

★★★★ High-intensity performance in Ad Infinitum’s signature style The Stage

★★★★  A Greek epic with startling modern relevance Morning Star

★★★★  A powerhouse performance The Fix Magazine

★★★★★ Up there among the best shows we’ve ever seen Lifestyle Distrct

★★★★★ Never was the story of the classical Greek heroes and villains better told StageTalk Magazine

A tour de force…an outstanding performance British Theatre Guide

★★★★★  Absolute masterpiece Fairy Powered Productions

Fast, furious and energetic…a faultless performance What’s on Bristol

Doors 7.30pm | Unreserved seating

Not Now

Not Now is a sharply written, heartfelt comedy about the past, identity and moving on – from David Ireland – the multi-award-winning author of Cyprus Avenue.

You’re an Irish Daniel Radcliffe.”
“I’m British!”
“You’re a British Daniel Radcliffe. From Ireland.”

The morning after his father’s funeral, an unsure and still grief-stricken Matthew prepares to fly to London to audition for the prestigious drama school, RADA.

When his painter-decorator Uncle Ray interrupts his private rendition of Richard III’s opening monologue to offer some unwanted direction and dubious career advice, Matthew starts to doubt whether he should really be leaving Belfast in the first place.

Or is Belfast where he truly belongs?

David Ireland’s dialogue is nonstop sparkle; the development of the play is beautifully judged in Max Elton’s production, as the boy (Matthew Blaney) moves from gangle and sullenness to candour and the uncle (Stephen Kennedy) from joviality to reluctant disclosure.

There is, as always with Ireland, an unflinching look at Protestant politics, but Not Now adds different notes. His greatest play so far, Cyprus Avenue, was a satire fuelled by an imaginative flight of which Jonathan Swift would have been proud. This drama has a new warmth. It also clinches on a beautiful reanimation of Shakespeare’s words about changing “dreadful marches to delightful measures”. The Guardian. Review of  Glasgow production.

★★★★★Five Stars, London Theatre 1

★★★★★Five Stars, Close Up Culture

★★★★The Guardian

★★★★Four Stars, The Observer

★★★★Four Stars, The Stage

★★★★Four Stars, Daily Mail

★★★★Four Stars, Morning Star

Off West End Award Nomination for LEAD PERFORMANCE IN A PLAY Matthew Blaney

Off West End Award Nomination for LEAD PERFORMANCE IN A PLAY Stephen Kennedy

This production was first produced in association with Neil McPherson at the Finborough Theatre’

Approximately 50 minutes with no intervals.

Production Team

Director: MAX ELTON
Designer: CECI CALF
Sound Designer and Composer: JACK BAXTER
Lighting Designer: MATTIS LARSON
Associate Producer: BRIAR KNOWLES
Producer: SARAH ROY

Sleeping Beauty

On the eve of her birthday Rose pricks her finger on her birthday badge, propelling her into a sleepy state where she is mystically enticed from slumber into fairytale land.

Whilst there, Rose makes some new friends who aren’t all what they appear to be. With the help of fantastical flying orbs, a shape-shifting witch, and a neurotic knight, Rose meanders her way through the mystical magical land, returning home to Dad with a big message.

This modern musical adaption of the classic fairytale places deaf and hearing artists together in central roles. Featuring sign song, music, an interactive vibrational sound experience, and puppetry. It’s for all the family and is played in a relaxed environment, making it accessible to all audiences.

Doors 10.30am | Unreserved seating

Expecting by Charis McRoberts

Shauna and Robbie are expecting… different things. Shauna expects motherhood won’t be easy. Robbie can’t wait to be a dad. Then she arrives.

Encountering financial difficulties alongside the arrival of baby Aisling and the barriers Shauna faces, Robbie spirals. Can Shauna and Robbie adjust their expectations and find a way back to one another? Break down barriers with C21 Theatre Company in an accessible new show as Shauna and Robbie plunge into parenthood. Will they sink or swim?

Directed by Stephen Kelly.

Please note: Both performances will be BSL interpreted.

Sticky City

Alice and Jamie are putting on a party (and it’s on Jamie’s Birthday!)

Words, performance, theatre by Alice Malseed, music by Jamie Nevin.

Sticky City by Alice Malseed is an in-progress rehearsed performance of a new piece exploring dating, imperialism and chaos.

This is Alice’s candid, visceral and fresh theatrical response to being told by some men that she can’t write, while others think her writing is all about them. It asks what will Belfast be without its gory core? Do we risk becoming somewhere boring like Milton Keynes? What happens to people and places, when they stop craving chaos?

From the theatre maker/writer behind The Half Moon, Anthem and Jellyfish.

Dramaturg and Director – Katherine Nesbitt
Sound Design and Composition – Sophie Price

Alice will be joined by Jamie Nevin, her boyfriend (a lovely non-chaotic man who provides no juicy content for her writing).

Jamie is a DJ who’s been collecting and performing music for over 14 years – boasting a singular, uncompromising, necessarily eclectic sonic palette that spans the far reaches of the world and always finds soul, familiarity, space and depth.

Supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland

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