Fallen Fruit


Saturday 11 May, 8.00pm


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What has changed. What has not. What we remember. And what we try to forget.

In 1989, as the Berlin Wall splits open, a young girl looks forward to life beyond communism; a couple unravels, and 80s TV permeates everything.

A story of love, breaking free and Europe, from Two Destination Language.

‘Fallen Fruit is thoughtful stuff about political walls and personal barriers’ – LYN GARDNER

‘As she sweats with the effort of breaking down walls,her charming smile traded for a grimace of determination, Fallen Fruit reveals the process of change for what it is: hard work.’ – THE GUARDIAN

‘Fallen Fruit has rich, rich ground to explore. Radeva’s performance is ripe with vivid images from her childhood’ – ALICE SAVILLE-EXEUNT

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