Thursday 3 May - Saturday 12 May

TRANSACTIONS is an exchange between two prominent experimental artists’ groups, Mobius Artist Group in Boston and Bbeyond in Belfast, Northern Ireland.7 Mobius artists, Marilyn Arsem, Jimena Bermejo, Daniel DeLuca, Milan Kohout, Mari Novotny-Jones, Sandrine Schaefer, and Anna Wexler, have come to Belfast to perform new works specifically created for presentation in outdoor, pubic space.This exchange, which emphasizes Boston and Belfast’s relationship as sister cities, provides opportunities for artists working at the helm of experimental practice in live performance to learn from each other, share audiences, work across national and cultural contexts while building connections through the creation of new works.

In September, artists from Bbeyond will be travelling to Boston in order to complete the exchange.

Marilyn Arsem

Title: Regrouping

Date/Time: Thursday 3 May,12 noon to 6pm

Location: Front of Castle Court Shopping Centre

Daniel DeLuca

Title: Moving Messages

Date/Time: Friday 4 May,12 noon to 6pm,

Locations: From Markets area to Tigers Bay

Sandrine Schaefer

Title: Pace Investigations No. 9

Date/Time: Saturday 5 May, Sunrise to Sunset

Location: Exchange Place

Anna Wexler

Title: Tracks and Tracts

Date/Time: Saturday 5 May, 11am to 5pm,

Locations: Custom House Square and Queen’s Bridge (Big Fish) area.

Mari Novotny-Jones

Title: Passage

Date/Time: Thursday 10 May, 12noon to 8.30pm

Locations: beginning Exchange Place and moving about.

Milan Kohout

Title: Stolen Public Space

Date/Time: Friday 11 May, 3pm to 6pm,

Location: Lombard St

Bbeyond Performance Monthly meeting:

Date/Time: Saturday 12 May, 12noon

Location: Writers Square.

Jimena Bermejo

Title: What Not to Do in Belfast

Date/Time: Saturday 12 May, 4 to 5pm

Location: Anne St Underpass.