Shit Show Shambles – A Gameshow Extravaganza

All the games you have ever played trapped in your living room with the entire extended family at Christmas.

Travel the board, play the square and hinder the opposing team. Shit Show Shambles is an interactive, hosted board game living through your worst dreams and best nightmares. Join your host Emily and Rule master Ashton for a gameshow extravaganza.

Doors 7.30pm Unreserved Seating

John Shuttleworth – John Shuttleworth’s Back

‘John Shuttleworth’s Back’… is giving him trouble.

Years of strenuous DIY, not to mention playing his organ whilst perched upon a multi pack of Diet Sprite with no lumber support, has taken its toll.

But – ever the trouper – John returns to regale audiences with an evening of his classic songs (plus new ones and hilarious ‘back’ stories), pausing only to reapply his deep heat rub!

‘A ludicrously compelling night out.’  – Evening Standard

Doors 30 minutes before show begins | Unreserved Seating

Paul Currie – Work in Progress: The Chorus of Ghosts in my Skull Keep Telling Me to Take a Shit in the Fruit Salad

‘This is a brand new work in progress (WIP) show that will look at my personal struggle and experience with depression, anxiety and intrusive thoughts that I’ve suffered from since the age of 5 and many nervous & mental breakdowns.

For me, I think it’s a subject not properly spoken about enough in comedy, in society, or in the world. I want this show to help smash or at least crack the stigma we all have of mental health.’ – Paul Currie, December 2021

TCOGLIMSKTMTTASITFS is the sister show to Paul’s 2021 Edinburgh Fringe Sell Out show “TEET”


He’s fast developing a cult following. Everything Currie does has the spirit of Vic & Bob, The Young Ones and everything surreal that’s come before or since.’★★★★ EDFEST

‘He is simply and without question unmissable!’★★★★★ MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL<

Paul Currie is a disturbingly brilliant comic.’ ★★★★★ BROADWAY BABY 

‘I wish I’d seen him sooner. I’ll be back to see him every year. My favourite comedy show of the Fringe this year.’ STEWART LEE

Doors 12.30pm | Unreserved Seating

Tadhg Hickey – In One Eye, Out The Other

Rescheduled from OTL ’22

Acclaimed Irish comedian Tadhg Hickey (outstanding physical and comedic performer – The Scotsman), brings a weird and wonderful part theatre, part stand-up comedy show, In One Eye, Out The Other to this year’s Out to Lunch.

IOEOTO tells the story of Feargal, the downtrodden but cheery man who fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming an alcoholic. Using the Catholic calendar as a roadmap, Feargal leads us on a surreal and hilarious journey with many poignant twists in the hope of arriving at a sort of light at the end of the tunnel for the ‘bright man’.

The show is loosely based on Tadhg’s own journey with alcoholism. During promotion of the show, Tadhg went public with his own story and has since had many mental health and alcohol action groups, as well as sufferers, reach out to him.

Tadhg is one of the brightest and bravest new stars in Irish comedy and theatre. His satirical sketches have amassed several million views online, and earned the admiration of comedy royalty like Armando Ianucci.

‘In One Eye, Out The Other’ is characteristically brave and ambitious, as Tadhg searches for cathartic humour in a surreal retelling of his own battle with alcoholism.

“Great art. A vital catharsis. I laughed until I cried. Go see it.” – Sunday Independent

“Both funny and poignant; a brave, risky performance. This is exciting work” – The Independent

“Illuminating. Affecting in surprising ways. Feargal’s story will stay with you for days” – Sunday Business Post.

Doors open 30 minutes before show | Unreserved Seating

Shaparak Khorsandi – IT WAS THE 90s!

The decade where Shaparak left an important part of her brain somewhere in a field in Hampshire…

From indie discos to unflattering crop tops…a trip down memory lane to the decade where ‘kinky’ was nurse roleplay and whipped cream, and Shaparak found herself flying about London with hope in her heart, a tenner in her pocket and spare knickers in her handbag.

How does the decade of binge drinking and walks of shame look now without snakebite and black tinted specs?

Doors 7.45pm | Unreserved seating

Lucy Porter: Be Prepared

TV favourite Lucy returns with another fantastic stand-up show.

At Brownies, Lucy thought she’d be prepared for anything as long as she had her emergency 10p for a phone box and knew how to tie a Fisherman’s knot.

Life turned out to be slightly more complicated than Brown Owl let on.

Recent TV includes Would I Lie to You, QI and Impossible, she’s a regular on Radio 4’s News Quiz and The Now Show.

Doors 7.30pm | Unreserved Seating

Roy Walker with Phil Walker – Say What You See

An evening filled with comedy and life stories. The King of Deadpan and longtime supporter of CQAF, Roy Walker joins his jovial son Phil Walker for an evening filled with comedy and life stories.

Roy Walker, well known to TV viewers through the ITV game show, CATCHPHRASE, has emerged as one of the driest comedians in Britain today.

Since winning City Life Comedian Of the Year, Phil Walker’s career has taken him to some weird and wonderful places: from a scout hut on the Shetland Isles to a porta-cabin on Mount Alice in the Falklands.

In this very special night Roy and Phil join forces for memories, stories and lots of laughs.

Doors Open: 7.30pm | Unreserved Seating

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