I’ve not heard from CQAF yet…
We’re working through shows chronologically – as a small team we’re working as quickly as possible but some shows towards the end of the month will take a little bit longer to hear. We appreciate this is not ideal and thank you for your patience.

I want a full refund!
No problem, we’ll be issuing full refunds for anyone that requests them. For any shows where we haven’t been able to re-schedule this will be done automatically.
For the majority of shows you’ll get an email offering you a refund or exchange, follow the instructions in the email. For the majority of shows this means you just need to click the link to say you’d like a refund.

– Could I get credit to use in the future instead?
Yes- no problem, you can email and we’ll exchange your tickets for a voucher that you can use to book new tickets online. These will have a 6 month expiration but talk to us and we can extend the length as needed.

– I’d like to exchange my tickets to the re-scheduled show!
Great! Sit tight, and at the end of the month we’ll be moving all customers left on our lists to the new shows. When this happens you’ll get a new email notification with the date and details of the re-arranged show along with new tickets. We will be operating a guest list at all shows so you can show up with your old tickets, or just your name – there’s no need to print new tickets.

– If I exchange my tickets now and then can’t make the re-arranged date can I get a refund later?
Yes absolutely, at the minute we’re offering refunds for any reason (which includes if you have to self-isolate or get sick). We’ll refund your ticket right up to the day of the show if you get in touch with us via

– I’d like my money to go directly to the artist!
We love this but right now can’t facilitate this, we suggest getting your refund and heading bandcamp or the artists site and seeing if you can buy merchandise or subscribe to a patreon.
Please know wherever possible we have re-arranged shows and offered alternatives to artists and do not take this decision lightly.

– I asked for a refund and haven’t got my money yet!
Card processing times vary – it can take up to 28 days for a refund. At the minute it might be a few days before we can process refunds. We’d typically expect the money to be in your account closer to 14 days from notification. If you’re concerned though get in touch via

– My show has been re-scheduled a few times/I booked over 6 months ago
In this case we’ll need to process your refund manually (through BACS payment). We’ll need a few account details from you to do this. We’ll be in touch with all bookers over the next month.

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The Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival and Out To Lunch are annual festivals of music, comedy, theatre, art and literature which take place in January and May in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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