CQAF 2016





Saturday 30 April, 2.00pm


*Part of the Black Box 10 Year celebrations – 10 of the best shows over 10 years for £10

Doors: 1:45pm | Unreserved Seating

Tickets also available In Person:

Visit Belfast
8 – 10 Donegal Square North
(Opposite front of City Hall)

Via Telephone
028 90 246 609

In association with NI Science Festival

One of Britain’s finest comedians – Rob Newman – is back on the road with his brand new show, The Brain Show, in which he takes a skeptical approach to some grand claims made by neuroscience.

After volunteering for a brain-imaging experiment meant to locate the part of the brain that lights up when you’re in love, Rob emerges with more questions than answers in his latest acclaimed comedy offering.

Can brain scans read our minds? Are we our brains? How can you map the mind? If each brain has more connections than there are atoms in the universe, then how big will a map of the brain have to be?

Seeking answers to these questions, The Brain Show explores everything from the thought-processes of stripy spiders to the neurobiology of romantic love, and from Alan Turing in a fortune-teller’s tent to Isaac Newton having a meltdown at a County Fair.

‘He is the funniest comedian I have ever seen…a passionate, chaotically brilliant comedian.’THE SUNDAY TIMES

‘You see that chink of gleaming light in the dark, overcast sky? That’s you that is.’DAILY TELEGRAPH